“As Low As” Pricing Leave Me Alone! How To Fix As Low As Pricing On My Magento Store

My Magento store would always slip into “As Low As” pricing on all of my promotional items. We had a discount of 35% off all games in a particular category and about once (sometimes multiple times) per day the prices would disappear and would be replace with an “as low as” price. This was terribly annoying because it would only allow my customers to check out for the normal price of the item. Not the discounted price. Big problem. What I used to do to solve the problem, albeit temporarily, was go into promotions and then inactivate each promotion, and then reactivate it. Or change the “priority” of the promotion. That will fix the problem, for about the next 24 hours. This isn’t the ideal solution so I started looking other places. Magento is obviously new, so there aren’t many places to go to get good information. This blog remains one of the best places to find info. ;) This was easily the most annoying bug I’ve had to deal with throughout my Magento journey. Smiley face

SimpleHelix To The Rescue! (again)

Smiley face I found this page (ok, my friend found the page) that talks about setting up cron-jobs to refresh catalog pricing. Made sense, so I figured this was probably the solution I was looking for. The instructions are somewhat confusing, so I emailed SimpleHelix, the best Magento hosting company in the world. They emailed me back and told me they had set up a cron job to automatically refresh my cron.php file (in the magento root folder) and I’m nearly 100% certain that this fixed the problem. Although I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to add some code to the cron.php file, I’m not sure what that code is, and it looks like the simple fact that the cron.php file is being refreshed every 5 minutes (thanks to SimpleHelix) fixed the problem. Sounds good to me. I’m pretty sure this is the first post to offer any help to the “as low as” pricing dilemma, so I hope it helps somebody out. If you don’t have a Magento store yet, make sure you make SimpleHelix is your hosting company. It will make life a whole lot easier.