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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I do not know a thing about HTML or whatever it is that makes web pages work. Does this mean I won't be able to create and maintain a site?

A. Of course not, that is what we are for. Our solutions require no knowledge of HTML or other programming languages. We will create simple interfaces that will allow us to publish your thoughts and offerings.

Q. I have seen a bunch of commercials selling free internet services, what makes you different from them?

A. By providing custom solutions we create applications that fit your organization. Many of the "free" software out there that creates web pages was designed for other entities and other needs. Many of these organizations make money from the advertising that they place on your site which is often an eyesore to your customers.

Q. We have a limited budget, what type of services can you offer me. A. Our strategy provides us the ability to offer you the full range of our services. These services can be secured up front or monthly through one of our subscriber plans.

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